Advertising Brilliance #013

From March to May I dropped 9 Ad Brilliance videos on you. They were new, they were raw, and they took the advertising world by tropical depression.

Since then I’ve scaled back on the vids. (Mostly because of the death threats from scared ad execs). Truthfully, it’s hard being this good at something. Sometimes I cry myself to sleep with tears of excellence.

Hey. Don’t hate the player, hate the facial hair.

Roll the clip!

(If you’re new here and confused about this video, welcome to the club. I make brilliant ads for random products because I have an insatiable desire to be a moron. Past spots include Clorox Wipes, Capri Sun, Good Neighbor Pharmacy Stool Softener, NeilMed Sinus Rinse, Harmony Remotes, Nike sneakers, Sure deodorant, Jif peanut butter, black eyed peas, my own website, Ivory Soap, and Hermit Crabs.)