Today's the Day to Build Your Rocket

Today’s the day. The last day for you to apply for the January – March BlogRocket Coaching program.

It’s not the last day EVER, of course. There will be other coaching terms. It’s just that it won’t ever be this cheap again. I priced it at $65/month because it’s the first time I’ve ever done this. There will be a few hiccups, and I understand that going in, so I wanted to factor that in to the price.

For less than $200 you’re going to get 12 weeks worth of advice, insight, and personal opinions on your blog from someone who’s done a few things right and a few more things wrong. You’ll be given directions, tasks, and accountability to help your blog grow. And you’ll be given a venue to vent about your frustrations and receive constructive feedback.

For most of you, I know it’s not really worth it, and that’s the way it’s supposed to work. But for some of you, this might be the right investment at the right time to pour something more into your passion.

(One more thought and then I’ll shut up)

The reason I am doing this is the same reason that I think this program is going to be a success. I love blogging, but more importantly, I love helping people.

Am I an expert? Maybe, maybe not. Yes I’ve grown my blog from nothing to moderately successful (emphasis on moderately) in the last couple of years. But just having that knowledge and experience doesn’t mean a whole lot if there’s no desire to share it.

I enjoy seeing other people succeed. I genuinely like helping other people win. And that, more than anything else, is what is going to be at the heart of everything I do with BlogRocket.

It all starts in January with the launch of the Coaching Program.

Signups close at midnight tonight. Click here for more information and the online application.

Looking forward to working with some of you!