7 Notes For a Monday

Here’s a handful of things I’ve been meaning to share. Got news on a new video, a new magazine article, and a new adventure for 2011.

7 Random Notes for a Monday

1. New Ad Brilliance video coming tomorrow. Early screenings have been positive. And hairy.

2. Just 3 more days to apply for BlogRocket Coaching. I’ve got some great ideas and plans for this inaugural class, so if you’re looking for a way to take your blog to the next level in the new year, come read more about it and submit an application. (Not everyone who applies will be accepted, but your odds are pretty good at this point.)

3. My friend Tyler is always inventing new games, like ordering random catalogs for other people or sticking items in their grocery cart when they’re not looking. I finally have my own new game to add to his list: When you know someone checks the google searches that people use to get to their site, search for some CRAZY things and click through so they show up on the list. Yes, I was the one who searched for “I Want to Kill Tyler Stanton” two separate times. And yes, he totally fell for it. Boom.

4. A few of you have asked, and yes, I am 1 of the 24 Dream Year participants for 2011. You’ll be hearing/seeing a lot more about this in the coming months as it could mean some big changes here at the blog. (Or it could not. I honestly have no idea, which is kind of exciting for me.) Also, I’ll probably be at Dream Year weekend in Jan. Would love to see you there. (discount code FALALA saves you $50 until Christmas Day)

5. This is somewhat related to the last point, but I’m not sure what the future is for The FreshPod. I LOVE doing the interviews and peeking into the creative processes of some really cool people. And I’ve got a list of folks I want to have on in 2011. The problem is time & focus. I’m not sure I have the time to do all the editing and producing as I focus in on doing fewer things, but doing those things better. Would I keep it going if all I had to do was schedule/conduct the interviews? Maybe. If you’ve got the skills to help out with this, drop me a line.

6. If you’re looking for a new blog to check out (other than the great list in the comments to last week’s post) check out these folks: Justin Wise, Blane Young, Lindsey Nobles, Tyler Tarver, Shawn Smucker, Sharideth Smith, and Stephen Brewster.

7. Just got official word that the article I wrote for RELEVANT Magazine made it into the upcoming JAN/FEB issue! That’s kind of a bucket list item for me, so I’m really excited about it. yeehaw!

What’s up in your world?