Advertising Brilliance #012

Today’s the official release day for Caedmon’s Call new record “Raising Up the Dead”. I thought I’d celebrate the occasion by running an ad.

An ad for the new record, you ask? Nope. Too obvious.

Instead I went with an ad for one of the most underrated pets of our time not named “the wolf”.

What does an underrated pet have to do with Caedmon’s Call? Nothing…well, almost nothing.

As you’ll see in the video, it might have something to do with this publicity photo from 10 years ago.

Confused? Good.

Roll the footage!

Yes, it was one of the actual ones from the photoshoot. No, I have no good explanation of why I have it.

But enough about Dickies. If you haven’t given the new Caedmon’s record a listen, jump on over to their site, sample the record, and download it.

Do it for the crabs, people. Those lonely, curmudgeonly, circus peanut-eating crabs.

PS…If you’re new here and confused about this video, welcome to the club. I make brilliant ad videos for random products because I have an insatiable desire to be a moron. Past product vids include Clorox Wipes, Capri Sun, Good Neighbor Pharmacy Stool Softener, NeilMed Sinus Rinse, Harmony Remotes, Nike sneakers, Sure deodorant, Jif peanut butter, black eyed peas, my own website, and Ivory Soap.