Ep 03 Jon Acuff

(NOTE: episodes of The FreshPod are no longer available.)

Blogger/Author Jon Acuff stops by the FreshPod to talk about how life is different since his recent job change, the logistics of his creative process, and the Double Rainbow guy.

Jon is the creator of the blog Stuff Christians Like and the author of the hilarious book by the same name (now in it’s 5th printing). He’s also from Massachusetts (like I am), loves the Red Sawx, and is wicked funny.

Two notes on this episode:

1. The interview starts around the 3:45 mark. The whole episode is 49:50.

2. I go on a rant against AT&T for a couple minutes in the intro, but since this recording I’ve learned that it’s Google Voice and not AT&T that is the source of my podcast recording problems. My apologies to AT&T for saying that I wanted to punch you.

Hope you enjoy. (and for past episodes of The Freshpod, you can go here.)