The Best Searches That Led You Here in 2011

Oh Google.

Thank you for helping people find

Even these people, who may or may not have been looking for it.

(I sorted the top 500 search keywords that led to my site, here are my favorites)

7 Searches That Led to in 2011

#1 – “Bryan Allain” (2, 269 visits) – I included this so at least one thing on this list made sense.

#21 – “because he’s so wicked talented, i want to punch bryan allain right in the nose” (90 visits) – were there 90 separate people on the planet who felt this way last year? Hardly. This clearly is the work of one dastardly individual who wanted to get mentioned in this post. You win, dude. You win.

#27 – “rubbing elbows” (75 visits) – I love the fact that people with an elbow fetish were taken to this Cliche Thursday guest post by Tyler Stanton. Cliche Thursday was fun, I should bring it back.

#51 – “Homemade Brooms” (40 visits) – No, I wasn’t selling them. I was poking fun at this Amish dude who was selling them on the side of the road. But hey, if you start to see ads in my sidebar for homemade brooms, don’t hate the player, hate the game.

#133 – “difference between nachos bell grande and nachos supreme” (15 visits) – this one makes me laugh. and it makes me hungry.

#249 – “blue cleavage” (7 visits) – Folks into buxom smurfs and Nav’i were treated to a 2010 post I wrote about old school handwriting vs. texting.

#473 – “i like fuzzy kittycats, warm eyes, and pretending household appliances have feelings.” (4 visits) – I hope the 4 of you found what you were looking for, I really do.

BONUS – “bryan allain part of a send machine” – 3 people searched for this, which was from a dream I had in which I got in an argument with my dad and turned into George W Bush.

The funny thing is, the 3 people who came here through this search spent an average of 21 minutes and 37 seconds on the site. Maybe I am a part of a send machine after all?