More Living With the Amish

as always, these are actual photos taken from my actual phone.

the corn is real, the horses are real, and even the Amish folks are real.

Welcome to Intercourse…

Unmarried Amish dude in a uncovered buggy.

Note the car battery in back just in case the horse dies.

Amish folks like to shun footwear whenever possible.

I actually watched these women cross the street in their shoes…

and then take them off as soon as they got in the field.

Where I come from, this is not normal.

Amish guys like to play golf now and again, and most of them suck.

Did I sneak onto this guy’s hole to grab a picture of him?

Nope. He shanked one onto our hole and it almost hit me.

Like I said, most of them suck.

Amish version of a tractor trailer truck.

Amish version of a Realtor.

This guy is selling homemade brooms on the side of a busy road.

If you don’t like where your life is at right now, just remember…

at least you’re not selling homemade brooms on the side of a busy road.

Okay, now it’s your turn…

Here’s Erica, Me, and a pack of candy cigarettes.

Caption please.

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