A Caption and a Dream Interpretation

You asked for it yesterday, so here you go.

Caption this photo, please:

you can click the pic to see it larger

And while I have you here, I had this ridiculous dream early Tuesday morning that woke me up around 4:30am. It was so dumb that i grabbed my phone and emailed the details to myself so I wouldn’t forget them.

Here’s the dream. If you’ve got the gift of dream interpretations, please decipher it for me.

I was speaking at North Point Church in Atlanta (Andy Stanley’s church). There were 2 services and my parents came into town to hear me speak. My dad was being really negative and my mom left before i even started speaking, which put me in a bad mood. Then I was introduced to speak and the pulpit was 20 feet off the ground which made it hard to concentrate. I had a mug i brought up to the pulpit with me that had a picture of Tyler Stanton on it that got a bunch of laughs when people saw it. I also had a half empty can of shaving cream. I had my notes with me, which had 10 points to share. But for some reason my 4th point involved inviting Tyler on stage and then exiting with him.

It wasn’t until after this happened that i realized i was no longer on stage to deliver the last 6 points and that i had basically walked out on the congregation. Everyone was upset with me and said i ruined a huge opportunity because i wasnt prepared for it. I had to navigate the crowd in the lobby to leave and everyone was giving me dirty looks. Then my dad and i got in a huge blowout fight because i called him out for being so negative and he stormed out.

Then it got really weird and i turned into George W. Bush and I was frantically upset that i was losing the privilege to speak to people because of the North Point mishap. My chest was opened up to reveal a stack of papers and the papers were being taken from me and i was shouting “i am part of a send machine!” as if I was a vessel to deliver messages to people. Then I woke up.

Anyone want to play Joseph and interpret that for me?

Side note: no more Lucky Charms before bed.

A caption and an interpretation. I’ll take either or both.