Monday Soup

1 part broth, 1 part noodles, and 99 bottles on the wall.

Monday Soup

+ 4 days left to win a chance at a free ticket when you purchase an Early Bird registration to Killer Tribes. I’m giving away 3 of these free tickets, and as of right now only 1 person has jumped on this promo. Translation: If you buy a ticket to Killer Tribes this week you’ll likely wind up with a 50/50 chance (or better) at winning an extra ticket. Promo ends Thursday, register here.

+ Speaking of Killer Tribes, had some amazing conversations last week that are really going to take the conference to the next level. Not to get all Tebow on you, but they were an answer to prayer so I gotta thank God for his favor. You’ll be hearing more soon…

+ Congrats to our friends Sarah and Victor on their wedding on Saturday. I haven’t written a full scale CROME review in a while, but this wedding scored a 43 out of 50, which is pretty great. Never read about my CROME Wedding Rating System before? Go for it.

+ Speaking of the wedding, during the reception my friend Nate told me if you search blogging on, 31 Days to Mojo is the #4 book that comes up. Couldn’t believe it! Thanks everyone, for supporting the book. I’m still getting messages from folks who have been helped by it, which is my favorite.

+ I don’t claim to know everything about sports, but man, nothing annoys me more than listening to people talk about sports who have no idea what they’re talking about. Happens all the time at work and it drives me batty. On the flip side, I’m sure I do that all the time about other areas in life, so I just keep my mouth shut and try to ignore it.

+ Speaking of sports, you got a horse in the BCS Race tonight? I’m rooting for Alabama, but only because I like as much discord and vitriol aimed at the BCS as possible. So ridiculous that we don’t at least have a 4-team playoff for the National Championship.

If you’ve got a prediction for tonight, share it in the comments!