The Ad Brilliance Exchange

Want to choose the product for my next Ad Brilliance video?

Then read on for more info on how to win that priceless gift. (worth approximately 4200 rupees in the original Zelda game)

In the meantime…I’m very excited to announce a new venture here on the blog.

Introducing the Advertising Brilliance Exchange.

Here’s the basic premise.

  • YOU have a product/event that you want people to know about.
  • I have readers who might want a piece of your product/event.
  • YOU would like advertising for your thing, but don’t want another mortgage.
  • I would like my readers to get a discount and some freebies because they are awesome.
  • YOU hire me to create an ad(s) for your thing.
  • I agree to do it in exchange for free and discounted things for my readers.

For instance,

You’re an author with a new book you just wrote? Send me some free copies to give out to my readers and I’ll put together a mind-blowing ad that you can email to your entire address book, throw on your Facebook page, and post on your blog.

You’re in charge of promoting a conference? Give my readers a nice discount or give away a free admission and I’ll put together a video that will make the Old Spice guy put some clothes on in shame.

You’re an artist with a new CD out? Read the thing up there for authors, I’m too busy making amazing videos to replicate that junk.

What is Advertising Brilliance?

It’s a series of videos I’ve put together blowing minds while selling amazing products. (The previous statement was NOT endorsed by the FDA or Ron Popeil).

Here’s a list of all the products I’ve “sold” so far: Clorox Wipes, Capri Sun, Good Neighbor Pharmacy Stool Softener, NeilMed Sinus Rinse, Harmony Remotes, Nike sneakers, Sure deodorant, Jif peanut butter, black eyed peas, my own website, and Ivory Soap.

Want more Info?

Shoot me an email at bryanallain(at) and we’ll make some magic happen.

Just remember, the more you can offer my readers, the better chance you have of striking a deal with me. We will barter like the olden days of yore to ensure it’s a win-win for all of us.

Want to inspire the next Ad Brilliance spot?

2 lucky folks will get to choose the next item up for bids on Ad Brilliance. To win that honor, leave a comment to this post and tell us one of your favorite (or least favorite) commercials from TV the past decade. That’s it.

I’ll randomly select 2 winners from the comments next week, and I’ll get in touch with the winners to find out what product they want me to hock.

Your ad brilliance commercial can be about anything from your own blog to a blade of grass to a holocaust cloak to your favorite indie artist. Heck, it can be about you for all I care. (I reserve the right to say “no” to your choice, but it would have to be pretty ridiculous for me to veto it).

What do you do next?

If you’re a reader who would like to inspire my next random Ad Brilliance video, leave a comment.

And if you’re a creator looking for an out of the box way to spread the love, hit me up via electronic mail at bryanallain(at) and we can craft some ad voodoo.

Looking forward to working with some of you on this!