Guest Post at Jason Boyett's Place

I’ll be doing quite a bit of guest posting during the month of April. The link to today’s guest post on Jason Boyett’s blog is coming in a minute. Jason is a great writer/blogger/author and a good friend who I enjoy beating in Words With Friends on the rare occasion that it happens.

If you’re here for the first time from Jason’s blog (or for some other reason), thanks for visiting. The first rule of fight club is that I’m an idiot who desperately wants to make you laugh. That’s the point of this blog really, so bookmark me or subscribe to the feed and give me a trial run for a few weeks and we’ll see if it works out or if we need to move on and just be friends.

My most well-received post was Noah’s Ark According to the Office, so if you like that show I think you’ll like that post. If not, there’s plenty of recurring gags here at the blog that might be your thing. I take pictures of Amish people and add snarky commentary, I create fake video ads for everything from sinus rinses to stool softeners, I like pretending Jack Bauer was in the Old Testament, and I poke fun at cliches, among other things.

Did mention that Jason and I go way back? He claimed on his site today that we’ve never met, but then how do you explain THIS PICTURE from the time he and I got together in front of a barn???


Anyway, Jason’s blog is great. You should be a reader. You probably already are.

My guest post on his blog today is about the journey of becoming a published author from the perspective of someone who isn’t one yet. I think there’s a lot of us out there, and I want you all to know that we’re in this together and that we should be savoring the journey. Click here to read it.

And thanks again for being a reader here. Have a great weekend everyone!

PS…if you feel the need to caption that photo, by all means go ahead.