Advertising Brilliance #006

I’ll be doing quite a bit of guest posting during the month of April. The link to today’s guest post on Stephen Brewster’s blog is coming in a minute.

If you’re new to my blog all you need to know is this: I try really hard to make my readers laugh.

But once in a while I am serious. Like these advertising videos I’ve been doing. I really think I am an advertising genius. I really think I can revolutionize the advertising industry with my unique brand of cleverness and awesome. The video editing is crisp and professional, the picture quality is 2160p, and the delivery is perfect.

When the UPS whiteboard guy watches my videos, he gets in the fetal position in the corner of his office and sucks on an brown expo dry erase marker while he cries for his mommy. I know this because he tells me during our therapy sessions.

If anyone would know about my selling prowess, it would be Stephen Brewster. He’s not only a friend and a great blogger, he’s the Senior Director of Marketing at Integrity Music.

Today I’ve got a guest post at his blog entitled “Weird”. The gist of it is this: the things you used to hide about yourself are the things you should be celebrating. Weird is GOOD.

Go check out the post after you watch this video, and be sure to add Stephen’s blog to your daily reads. He’s one of the most inspiring guys I know.

And now, I blow your mind…

(to see previous ads I’ve done, click here…to see future ads, build a time machine.)