The Sad Truth About This Year’s Christmas Card

Dear family and friends,

For 6 years I gave you what you wanted. A Christmas card that was more that just a Christmas card.

In 2005 I had the LOST numbers hidden in the waves of the Myrtle Beach surf.

In 2006 I hid those same numbers in the drawing of a Christmas tree my kids made.

In 2007 you could find “4 8 15 16 23 42” in the green grass.

In 2008 the numbers were in NYC’s Battery Park, along with a certain other person.

(You can see the 06-08 cards here.)

In 2009 I hid the polar bear and 5 other items in the picture of us in front of a barn.

In 2010, to celebrate LOST’s sixth and final season, I hid 6 items in the picture of us at Binn’s Park in Lancaster.

And now in 2011, I’m done. LOST is over. I am busy. It had to end sometime, why not now?

Please forgive me,


UPDATE: The backlash has already started…

…but new rumors are now surfacing that there may have been a very small order of LOST Easter Egg Christmas cards placed after all. Stay tuned…