2009 Christmas Card LOST Easter Eggs

As promised yesterday, here are the 6 easter eggs hidden in our family Christmas photo this year.

First, here’s the photo again…which can be viewed larger by clicking on it.

And here’s the 6 easter eggs…for those of you suffering from WheresWaldophobia

#1 – The word ‘LOST’ in Erica’s dress

this was the most obvious one…so obvious that a few people complained about it.

From one dork to another: relax

#2 – The DHARMA Swan symbol on Parker’s shirt

my favorite of all of these…mostly because I really wish my son owned this shirt.

Heck, I wish I owned this shirt. #dork

#3 – The LOST numbers on my shirt

the numbers to the Valenzetti Equation may not mean anything,

but knowing them by heart is what separates the show’s casual from die-hard fans

#4 – The Compass

This compass image is a direct screenshot from the compass Locke was holding as an adult.

(it looks slightly different from the one Richard presents him as a child, though its supposed to be the same)

#5 – The Heiroglyphics

What we saw on the hatch countdown timer when things got crazy.

They can be translated to mean “die” or “underworld” or “Bryan Allain’s Blog is a Must-Read”

#6 – The Polar Bear

This is the one people usually found last.

It was probably the first of a thousand questions this show made you ask…

“Why is there a polar bear on a tropical island?”

Thanks for playing along, and thanks even more for reading the blog this year.

Look for new content coming your way starting in January, as well as some others surprises I have in store.

It’s been a  great year, and 2010 promises to be even better.

Thanks so much for reading, everyone!

ps…here was the previous years’ if you missed them.