Our LOST Christmas Cards

Ever since 2005, when I started making my own Christmas cards with Photoshop, I’ve been hiding LOST easter eggs inside the cards’ pictures. Searching for the hidden graphics has become a fun tradition for many of our friends and family members. The minute they get the card, they immediately start looking for the LOST numbers and other goodies.

Our 2005 Card (which I no longer have a copy of) featured a picture of our family on the beach. I think I hid the LOST numbers in the sand and in the waves.

In 2006 I had the kids color a Christmas tree for our card.

And if you looked real close near the bottom of the tree, you could see the numbers to the Valenzetti Equation.

In 2007 we used a picture taken outside my in-laws’ house for our Christmas card.

And if you look a little closer at the grass to the right of Erica’s arm, you’ll see some familiar digits.

(incidentally, my other favorite thing about that 2007 card was that I decapitated Parker in the picture. It’s tough to see, but you can almost tell that the lighting on Parker’s face is slightly different from everyone else’s. That’s because he wasn’t making a good face in this picture. So i cropped his head off of another shot during this photo shoot and pasted it on to this picture as best I could.)

Finally, there’s the 2008 Christmas Card. I used a picture from back in June when we were visiting friends in New York City.

There’s actually 2 LOST easter eggs in this one.

First, there’s the numbers, which are written vertically onto the lightpole:

and then there’s the guy in the background standing behind Parker

it’s a little tough to tell, but yes, that is Benjamin Linus.

Like I said before, most of my friends and family get a kick out of this. At least the ones that know about it anyway.

What does Erica think? She thinks it’s the dorkiest thing in the entire world.

But hey, she married a dork, what does she expect?