2010 Christmas Card LOST Easter Eggs

I think this was the 6th year in a row that I’ve hidden Easter Eggs from the show LOST in our Christmas Cards. I guess that means I’ve done it every year since the show started.

I guess it also means I’m a huge dork.

Here’s this year’s card. See if you can find all 6 of the easter eggs. (you can click the pic to enlarge it)

(the reveal is after the jump…oh and some spoilers too, so be warned if you haven’t watched the show.)

Did you find all the easter eggs?

#1 – The Lighthouse

It only made an appearance in 1 episode, but it  played a big role in Jack’s awakening.

It also gave us another excuse to say, “REALLY, Jack? Really?” when he started smashing the mirrors.

#2 – The Airplane

hidden on Parker’s shorts is the plane screenshot taken from one of the show’s final scenes.

Even if you were unsatisfied with how the show wrapped (which I wasn’t for the record),

you have to admit the last few scenes with Jack and Vincent were pretty well done.

#3 – The Numbers

I’ve hidden the numbers to the Valenzetti Equation in my last 6 Christmas cards.

In the ocean, on a christmas tree, in grass, on a NYC lightpole, on my shirt, and now on Erica’s shin.

This is normal behavior, right?

#4 – The Scale

Not my best photoshopping job with this one,

but that’s the scale Sawyer saw in the Man in Black’s cave on the bricks beside Kylie.

#5 – The 4-Toed Statue

It began as a puzzling shot from the Season 2 finale…

and it wound up housing one of the most chilling scenes from the entire series.

Ben: What about ME? … Jacob: What ABOUT you?

#6 – The Oceanic Air Logo

This was probably the most difficult-to-find Easter egg I’ve ever hidden.

Mostly because of the uncanny way the colors matched Kylie’s dress.

Here’s to hoping a real life Oceanic Airlines opens for business someday.

So now that the show’s done, will my 6-year run of LOST Christmas Cards end as well?

In the spirit of the show, I think I’ll wait until next season to figure that out.

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