The 2014 Allain Christmas Card

Another year.

Another Christmas card.

Another chance to hide LOST Easter Eggs.

*photo by the amazing Katy Geesaman of Lil Geese Photography

Can you find them all? Here are all 6 of them.

1. A Dharma logo on Parker’s shirt.

2. The LOST numbers in the upper right grass.

3. The Tawaret statue hidden in the tree.

4. The one and only John Locke in the bottom right.

5. “Not Penny’s Boat” written on the fence.

6. Eko facing the smoke monster over Parker’s right shoulder

(I was in a rush and hid this one a little too well.)

(Click here to see past LOST Christmas Cards…believe it or not this is the tenth year that I’ve done this!)

Hope you all had a great holiday season!

As always, thanks so much for reading my blog this past year!