Monday Soup | 01.05.2015

1 part broth, 1 part noodles, and 8 ounces of lighter fluid…

+ I went 1-3 with my NFL picks this weekend because I suck. But you already knew that.

+ What happens when every Myers-Briggs Personality Type makes a New Year’s Resolution.

+ Donald Miller’s 5 Principles To Stop Reacting to Life and Start Living With Intention is pretty great. You can read it online (or download it) for free.

+ Jay, the key witness from the ‘Serial’ case, gave an exclusive interview last month that you can read it 3 parts: here, here, and here. Well worth it if you were a fan of the podcast.

+ The Worst Hashtag of 2015 Award has an early frontrunner:

Actually, Pringles, in our house, #YouJustEatEm.

+ The owner of the St. Louis Rams is building a stadium in L.A. Just a matter of time before L.A. has one or two NFL teams.

+ I was saddened to hear of the passing of Stuart Scott this weekend. I obviously didn’t know the guy, but I was definitely inspired by his courage to be himself and stay true to his voice.

Back in 1995 I got to take a tour of ESPN Studios because my college roommate had a relative who worked there. It was the weekend, and most of the studios and offices were empty, but as we walked through a cubicle farm I saw a few guys in suits talking and I recognized one of them instantly.

It was Stuart Scott, the guy who had just started doing this thing on ESPN2 within the last couple of years. We made eye contact as I walked by, a moment he forgot about within 0.7 seconds of it happening, I’m sure. I didn’t forget it though, because over the next two decades he was everywhere on ESPN doing great work.

And as I watched him rise up the ranks I kind of thought of him as my guy, just for the ridiculous reason that he was the only on-air talent I saw during my tour of Bristol. Stupid, I know, but it’s the truth.

Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 10.07.44 AM

I pray his family and friends find the healing and peace they need as they mourn.

(and if you can find 15 minutes this week, watch this ESPN tribute.)

Have a great week everyone…