Monday Soup

1 part broth, 1 part noodles, and 4 parts fabric softener…it’s an all NFL edition of Monday Soup!

 + Twitter really has revolutionized the way I watch football. I used to DVR the games and start them a little later so I could skip through the commercials. But thanks to twitter, I want to be watching the action live with everyone else. This allows me to not only add my two cents of commentary, but it also lets me see a running commentary from my favorite NFL writers and pundits.

I use Twitter Lists to keep tabs on all my favorite sports. I’ve got one for the NFL, one for the MLB, one for Hoops, and one for my fave talking heads who aren’t dedicated to just one sport. You can follow these lists (I think it’s called subscribing), or make up your own.

Speaking of Football, here’s the Top 10 Most Interesting Things after yesterday:

1. Tom Brady had won 67 games in a row at home when leading at halftime. Quite a streak. (h/t Peter King)

2. Why did that streak end? The Baltimore D allowed ZERO points in the second half. Amazing.

3. Must be noted that the Ravens were much healthier than the Pats yesterday. Gronk is the Pats second best player on offense, and losing Talib was a dagger for their defense. That being said, Belicheck was WAY too conservative in the first half in my opinion. Punting three times from your opponent’s side of the field? You might as well write a note to the Ravens with a pink sharpie that said, “We’re playing not to lose.”

4. Flacco has 8 TDs and 0 INTs so far in this post-season in some terrible weather conditions. With a great game on Feb. 3 inside the dome, he could put up numbers that would give him one of the best post-seasons ever for a QB.

5. The Super Bowl line opened at 49ers (-5) last night and was quickly bet down to (-4.5) and then (-4.0). Some places apparently had it as low as (-3.5) before it settled at 49ers (-4.0). I think this plays perfectly into the Ravens’ hands. They want to be considered the underdog again.

6. So excited for the Pro Bowl this Sunday! (I kid, I kid)

7. I know I’m not the first to say this, but Alex Smith does not bring the Niners back from down 17 against the Falcons. I thought it was so ballsy of Harbaugh to stick with Kaepernick for the rest of the season. Many coaches would have been afraid of being second guessed there and would have went back to Smith.

8. Tom Brady is one of the best ever, no doubt about it. But that 4th and 4 play in the second half where he couldn’t scramble for the first down…wow. Kaepernick, Griffin, Luck, Wilson, Rodgers, and even Flacco get those 4 yards with their feet without blinking an eye. It just feels like a faster league these days.

You want a number? 97. That’s the combined age of Brady and Belicheck when next season starts (36 and 61). You have to wonder if the Pats run is finally over.

9. Very interested to hear about Matt Ryan’s left shoulder today. Imagine if the Falcons won but Ryan couldn’t play in the Super Bowl? Who the heck is the Falcons backup??? I need to look it up. (It’s Luke McCown, apparently.)

10. Do you know who the anthem singers and halftime shows were the last time these two teams were in the Super Bowl?

Ravens: Super Bowl 35 in 2001

National Anthem: Backstreet Boys

Halftime Show: Aerosmith, Britney Spears, Nelly,Mary J. Blige, and *NSYNC

Niners: Super Bowl 29 in 1995

National Anthem: Kathie Lee Gifford

Halftime Show: Tony Bennett, Patti LaBelle, Arturo Sandoval, Miami Sound Machine

My head tells me that the Niners will win because they can do it more than one way. Against the Packers Kaepernick went crazy out of the pistol formation. Against the Falcons he rushed twice for 21 yards and they still won!

Their defense is fantastic, BUT if any team can beat them downfield like the Falcons did in the first half yesterday, it’s Flacco and the Ravens.

Ray Rice said last night that the team was doing this for Ray Lewis. As much as I am already tired of that storyline, you can’t deny that this team feels like they have a mission to accomplish. If I had to pick right now, I’d take the 4 points and the Ravens to win by a field goal…especially since the shakiest thing about the 49ers is their field goal kicker.

Ravens 26, 49ers 23.

What’s your prediction for the Super Bowl?

Oh and by the way, who has a big nose and picked BAL to beat NE in the AFC Championship on their way to winning the Super Bowl way back in September? This guy.

Have a great week everyone…