10 More Sentences No One Has Ever Said

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Time for another edition of quotes that have never been uttered.

10 More Sentences No One Has Ever Said

1. I wish Facebook would change one thing every day and not tell us what it is.

2. Despite not being a doctor, I’d really like more information about this crotch rash you speak of.

3. In my opinion, foreplay isn’t great unless hot gravel and wool mittens are involved.

4. Instead of rings, the bride and groom have decided to exchange high fives and unopened packs of baseball cards as a token of their love today.

5. Scrape the queso from her mustache and sell it to that guy wearing the dolphin costume as soon as he drops both of his guns.

6. I’m saving my money to to buy that new Yankee Candle scent: Stale Marlboro Lights.

7. Nothing makes me feel a sense of calming peace more than watching a frazzled parent scold an obnoxious child in the middle of Target.

8.┬áThe three people I’d love to have dinner with are Kid Rock, Kid Rock’s uncle’s dentist, and Flo from the Progressive commercials.

9. With any luck I’ll see my grandparents making out on a purple futon later this week.

10. I can’t believe one of the best college football players in the country had a girlfriend who died on the same weekend as his grandmother only she didn’t really exist.

UPDATE: I guess people have said #10 now. Oh well, at least I’ve got 9 sentences no one has ever said.

Okay, your turn.

Give us a sentence no one has ever said before.

You can read past editions of Sentences No One Has Ever Said here.


  • Daniel Rothamel

    Jan 17, 2013


    Reading those YouTube comments has restored my faith in humanity.

  • James Williams

    Jan 17, 2013


    I’m not really sick. I just like Pepto Bismol for the taste.

    • Bryan

      Jan 18, 2013

      well done!

    • Crickle1969

      Jan 30, 2013

      Actually as a kid i did pretend to have a stomach ache because i DID like the taste of Pepto

  • LarryTheDeuce

    Jan 17, 2013


    I had an imaginary friend as a kid. Never an imaginary dead girlfriend.

  • Chad

    Jan 17, 2013


    When a man is alone in the forest, and says something…

    Never mind, that’s been uttered a thousand times.

  • Brad Aldrich

    Jan 18, 2013


    Bryan, I was excited to hear you were sharing at Worship Center’s Valentines Date Night until I read #3. Ha Ha! Now I can’t wait!

  • ThatGuyKC

    Jan 18, 2013


    Haha! Love this feature. Please keep them coming.

    “I corrected everyone who was wrong on the internet today.”

  • Ed Feathers

    Jan 22, 2013


    Man, that bird sure is good at magic!

  • RafaLoarne

    Dec 25, 2015


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