21 More Things I Couldn’t Care Less About

Like you, I try to be a compassionate guy…I really do. But if I’m honest, there are just some things I cannot muster even an ounce of care about.

Yup, it’s time for another edition of…

21 Things I Couldn’t Care Less About

1. The latest SportsNation poll on ESPN.

2. What type of hops you use to make your beer.

3. Whether Beyoncé sang the National Anthem outside on Monday or in a studio last Thursday.

4. Your latest political rant on Facebook.

5. The dew point.

6. What Instagram wants to do with my latest sunset picture.

7. How many box tops are on your cereal box.

8. The Pro Bowl.

9. Why your cell phone is vastly superior to mine.

10. How they’re going to resolve the conflict on tonight’s Austin & Ally.

11. Anything involving E*Trade

12. Your cat.

13. This week’s matchup on Monday Night Raw.

14. How much horsepower your pickup has.

15. Your negative opinion about a book you haven’t read.

16. Anything sold from a mall kiosk.

17. Your high score on Temple Run.

18. Which company adopted that stretch of highway between Exit 42 and 43.

19. The Sunday paper classifieds.

20. Who wore Vera Wang at the Globes.

21. Kim Kardashian’s womb.

What about you?

What’s something you couldn’t care less about?

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  • http://daysnthoughts.wordpress.com Joanne Viola

    Love it! Yes, add to this list – where a person is checking in at the moment. Seriously? But I do wish you cared about my cat, lol :)

    • Bryan

      I care about you, Joanne. But your cat? Sorry :)

  • http://www.jonstallings.com Jon Stallings

    Dang it, now i have to scratch 1/2 of my next blog post ideas.

  • http://thomasemason.net Thomas Mason

    “How they’re going to resolve the conflict on tonight’s Austin & Ally.” And here I thought I was the only adult who had to watch that show.

    For me it would be what song you’re listening to on Spotify or anything else that I see on Facebook.

    • Bryan

      yeah, Facebook is a never ending fountain of content for this type of post.

    • http://www.jonstallings.com Jon Stallings

      Thomas – I have a daughter who watches Austin and Ally. I will think of your pain and anguish during the next episode.

  • Debsie

    1) What you ate for dinner, breakfast, or any meal in between.
    2) What anybody ate at the Inaugural Ball.
    3) Pleats and whether or not they are “in.”
    4) That cute thing your kid said to your other kid.

    • Bryan

      wow, Debsie is dropping the hammer on the food and sibling updates!!!

      I might take issue with #3, but that is because I have a pleat allergy that doctors have not yet found a cure for.

  • http://iamlazarus2010.blogspot.com/ Lazarus

    Lance Armstrong’s interview.
    Manti Te’o’s girlfriend.
    College Basketball (until after the Super Bowl…then I will be all in that junk!)

  • http://www.arnysanchez.wordpress.com Arny

    all these, “if i get a Million “likes” my mom will buy me a rocket to the moon”…type of status…

  • http://www.edfeathers.com Ed Feathers

    Anything on Bravo and Styrofoam. I mean come on, enough already Styrofoam is not as good as many would have you believe. Sure it is a great insulator of cold beverages. Not sure it works for hot or warm beverages, but it only comes in one color and it makes a horrible noise when you chew it. That’s why I wrap my Styrofoam in a tinfoil ball before I chew it. Also, I don’t like Bravo.

  • Melinda

    Michelle Obama’s bangs

  • http://middletree.blogspot.com James Williams

    We are rapidly approaching March Madness, and although I think it’s fine that you will fill out a bracket, I really don’t care to know which teams you picked.

  • http://cricklepad.blogspot.com Crickle1969

    I couldn’t care less about who got kicked off American Idol

  • http://www.beckycastlemiller.com/ Becky Castle Miller

    My cat is AWESOME. You should care.

  • http://bensimpson.squarespace.com Ben Simpson

    But what if the Monday Night Raw match up features, I don’t know, a tag team involving two mega-stars (C.M. Punk and John Cena, for example), paired respectively with Austin OR Ally, to settle the conflict on this week’s show, with Kim Kardashian and Beyonce ringside, wearing Vera Wang?