My 2012 NFL Predictions

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On the list of “dumb things I do on this blog”, making NFL predictions is probably near the top. But what can I say, I can’t help myself.

Taking a peak back at last year’s predictions was interesting. To wit:

The Good:

  • I said the Jets would regress and miss the playoffs (they did).
  • I picked Houston and Tennessee out of the South (HOU won the division, TEN missed the playoffs by a game).
  • I said I didn’t think Peyton Manning would be right all year at a time when some were predicting he’d be back by Week 6 (he missed the whole year.)
  • It wasn’t reflected in my picks, but I said I thought Vick’s health would factor in and maybe let Detroit slip into the playoffs (DET made it, PHI didn’t).

The Bad and The Ugly:

  • I picked the Chargers to win the AFC West and make it to the Super Bowl (8-8 and missed the playoffs).
  • I picked St. Louis to win the NFC West (2-14 record).
  • I had the Cowboys in the NFC title game (missed the playoffs).
  • I had the Giants missing the playoffs (they won the whole freaking thing).


My AFC Playoff seeds:

1. New England 2. Baltimore 3. Houston 4. San Diego 5. Buffalo 6. Denver

Notes: My upset pick here is keeping the Steelers out of the playoffs. If Denver beats them at home in Week 1, it just might happen…I think Peyton Manning will be really good, but their schedule is brutal enough to give the division to the Chargers…Speaking of schedules, Buffalo’s will aid them in earning a playoff spot…Finally, I think the Colts will win 7 games this year (with a little Luck).

AFC Title Game: Baltimore over New England in the AFC title game

My NFC Playoff seeds:

1. Green Bay 2. San Francisco 3. New York 4. Atlanta 5. Detroit 6. New Orleans

Notes: I think Atlanta improves on both sides of the ball and sneaks out the NFC South over the Saints…I think the Giants barely emerge from the rubble of the competitive NFC East…I think the Panthers and Seahawks are a year away, and I think the Bears missed their window last year…I think the Rams will be better than people think and I like the Cardinals to give the Browns a run for the worst record in football.

NFC Title Game: Green Bay over San Francisco in the NFC title game

And on February 3rd, 2013 in New Orleans, the winner of Super Bowl XLVII will be…

Baltimore over Green Bay.

Get your picks down on the record now in the comments. (by the way, no one had the Giants in the Super Bowl in my comments last year).



  • Ryan Bilello

    Sep 05, 2012


    I’ve got my Packers over the Texans in Super Bowl XLVII

  • Ernie

    Sep 05, 2012


    I’m with you, I can’t help myself from making NFL predictions! And I always look forward to your picks.

    I’ve got the Pats over the Packers in the SB. My crazy picks are the Chiefs winning the south, and the Saints not making the playoffs. You heard it here first, baby!

  • Lazarus

    Sep 05, 2012


    Eagles over the Patriots

    • Jon Stolpe

      Sep 06, 2012

      While this is my favorite pick, I struggle to see the Eagles even making the playoffs. I’m going with Green Bay over New England in the Super Bowl.

    • Lazarus

      Sep 06, 2012

      I am hoping against hope that Vick will 1) stay healthy and 2) focus on ball control…less picks.

      Probably picking with my heart.

      Too easy to pick the Packers. Unless you are trying to be right!

  • Joe B

    Sep 05, 2012


    Bryan, of all the predictions that you have done… this is my favorite. ; )

  • Melinda

    Sep 07, 2012


    oh ye of little faith! I’m with Lazarus–Even if Vick gets hurt I think the rookie Foles looked really good in the pre-season and might surprise everyone with lots of wins. Plus Edwards did ok too and defense didn’t stink–so I’m thinking the Eagles have a shot at least at the playoffs!

  • Jason

    Sep 11, 2012


    No Eagles = you have no flippin’ idea what you’re talking about. :)

  • Ryan

    Sep 18, 2012


    I know I’m late to the party & 2 weeks in its a little unfair to “predict”…but I will anyway :).

    AFC Title Game: New England over Pittsburgh (The window is closing rapidly on both of these teams, & injuries could certainly shut it for good on the Steelers). But I see QB play and improved Defense putting Pats on top.

    NFC Title Game: Green Bay over San Fransisco. A rematch from week one, Packers will not be intimidated by the regular season result.

    Super Bowl is Green Bay over New England.

  • AymieJoi

    Sep 25, 2012


    The Steelers will take next season off after releasing the entire O line, and spend their free time between cloning circa 2005 Hines Ward, Troy Polamalu and James Harrison, and searching local high schools and Pop Warner squads for a more consistent quarterback. They’ll come back in 2014 to win #7, and will make up all of the NFC’s ProBowl team, which at that point will be more of an honorary thing, since the NFL will have eliminated the game after a grand total of 27 people tune in to watch it.

    As for who will win the Superbowl this year? Your guess is as good as mine, so I’m going with Cleveland over Atlanta in the largest upset in NFL history.

  • Monday Soup |

    Jan 21, 2013


    […] Oh and by the way, who has a big nose and picked Baltimore to beat New England in the AFC Championship on their way to winning the Super Bowl way back in September? This guy. […]

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