Our 2012 LOST Christmas Card

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Here is our family Christmas card for those of you not on our mailing list.

*photo by the amazing Katy Geesaman of Lil Geese Photography

And yes, because I’m an idiot I once again hid some stuff from LOST in the card.

1. The LOST logo from the beginning of the show.

2. an Apollo Candy Bar on my shirt
3. The LOST numbers on my leg
4. An Ankh symbol on the couch

5. The DHARMA Flame Station Symbol

(Click here to see past LOST Christmas Cards.)

Hope you all are enjoying a wonderful holiday season!

Thanks so much for reading the blog this year. Lots of good stuff in store for 2013!

Best wishes to all of you for a 2013 full of fun, growth, laughter, and love!


  • Jon Stolpe

    Dec 31, 2012


    Happy New Year, Brian!

  • Sam Davidson

    Jan 04, 2013


    I would be so irate if my wife made me carry our couch to the middle of a pasture.

  • NathNeego

    Dec 17, 2015


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  • RichAccist

    Jan 04, 2016


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  • Robecita

    Jan 04, 2016


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  • WillPoolo

    Jan 05, 2016


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  • Inell Lavallee

    Jan 06, 2016


    Nice site man!

  • Clarence

    Jan 08, 2016


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