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Been way too long since we’ve done reader questions, so here we go:

1. When did you open presents growing up? Christmas Eve? Christmas morning? All 8 days of Hanukkah?

2. Were you a sneaker and a peeker? Or have you always been the restrained type?

3. Got a really quick story about opening presents? Let us hear it!

Tell us a little more about you and holiday presents in the comments.

21 thoughts on “A Little More About You”

  1. 1. Christmas Morning as soon as I woke up. So every year, it got later and later as my enthusiasm diminished. Age 5, about 5 a.m. Age 17, 10 a.m. or so!!

    2. Never a snooper. I guess I liked the surspise.

    3. When I was 15, my parents got a Nintendo system for me. Their idea to make it more fun for me was to wrap each component seperately. Well, my parents aren’t the most hip folks, so he first thing I opened was a controller, and I got really sad. I tohught “My poor parents think this is what a Nintendo is” so I was bummed, thinking my folks had just bought me a controller and I didn’t want to hurt their feelings!!! All the while my parents were looking at me all excited for my reaction, which was one of almost depression.

    Then I opened the next box with the console and it was a Merry Christmas after all!

  2. 1. Our main gifts were opened on Christmas morning. We did one set of grandparents on Christmas Eve and the other set later on Christmas Day, but main gifts were first thing Christmas morning.

    2. I have never been a sneaker or a peeker. I don’t like to ruin the fun for myself or the giver. My wife on the other hand…

    3. Worst Christmas gift I ever gave was to my wife. I gave her a crockpot. Terrible gift…especially when you consider she already had one she never used. Fail.

  3. 1. Christmas morning with my parents and sisters, then to my grandparents’ for more presents. When I was really little, we’d go to my other grandparents’ after that, but then we got smart and starting doing that side of the family’s stuff on a different day.

    2. Never peeked. What’s the fun in that?

    3. We got a computer one year. It was our first real computer. I think I cried…haha.

  4. Our family opens gifts on Christmas Eve – and actually a few leading up to that time :)

    I go out of my way to NOT know what I’m getting – not a peeker at all.

    Merry Christmas :)

    1. I had a friend who did everything on Christmas Eve…I was always fascinated by it. They did it because their dad was a prison guard who always had to work on Christmas Day.

  5. 1. Christmas Eve at one grandma’s house and Christmas morning at the other grandma’s house
    2. I was restrained
    3. One year my parents gave me my high school class ring. It was nested in a series of increasingly larger boxes with the outside box being this huge box the size of an old microwave.

    1. I was never a class ring kind of guy so that would have bummed me out. I used to hide presents in oddly shaped boxes for Erica, but that was just so that she couldn’t guess what they were.

  6. 1. We would open one present on Christmas Eve and the rest on Christmas day.
    2. I was a shaker and a peeker. I was a master at seeing through the paper and guessing what was inside. Mom was not thrilled by my talent.
    3. My older sister woke me up one Christmas morning around 3 AM to check out what Santa brought. We quietly perused the gifts, played with a few then went back to bed. If mom and dad knew we were up, they never let us know.

    1. i was waiting for the first shaker to make an appearance! Who do you think you are, Shaker!!!! I used to put coins and other loose pieces of metal into Erica’s gifts to throw her and her shaking tendencies off the scent. appalling!

  7. My parents started numbering our presents after one year my siblings and I sorted our presents into piles and were comparing size/quantity/etc. before they woke up. After that we couldn’t be sneakers or peekers because we didn’t know which presents were ours! Then Christmas morning we had to wait in anticipation to find out who’s present was the largest as we opened them one-by-one in order of the list.

    1. oh wow, great move by your parents!!! might have to threaten to use that one if my daughter’s sneaking and peeking get out of hand.

  8. 1. 8 nights of Hanukkah. Later it was Hanukkah + Christmas. Score.
    2. Never a sneak & peak type.
    3. My daughter was 3 when we surprised her with a swingset thatthat i put together in secret the evening before. That night, me, my wife, and our son threw up about 10 times.

    1. did you throw up because you were sick or because it was that hard to put a swingset together with all that pressure on you? I might have puked a few times too.

  9. 1) We opened one present on Christmas Eve and the rest on Christmas morning.
    2) I was mostly the restrained type.
    3) One year, all my little brother wanted for Christmas was a hula-hoop. After opening a bunch of other great presents, he started to get upset when there were no more presents under the tree. Then my dad pulled out this big circular present from behind the tree. His face lit up, and he proceeded to run through the wrapping paper.

  10. Brae yourself for a weird answer:

    We didn’t celebrate Christmas. Seriously. My dad was that much of a Fundamentalist that it was too pagan-influenced to be a part of as “real Christians”…so yeah. kinda weird and kind of a bummer, esp when about 100 people ask you a day what you’re getting for Christmas and you have to tell them that!

    But, on the bright side (er…whatever) my parents divorced when I was about 13-14 and the family disintegrated …so then…and as a kind of consolation prize we started doing presents and got a little tree.

    Fast fwd a few years…Now I have 2 kids and we get Merry! (but, yes, it’s kind of like I’m trying to make it work with no context…b/c I am)

  11. 1. We opened presents on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day as far as I can remember. That’s basically it.

    2. I tried to be a present peeker.

    3. Two stories. I hope you don’t mind. The first is from childhood. My parents left us in the care of a babysitter. It was nearing Christmas. She allowed us to open up a couple of presents and then re-wrapped them. One of those presents was a pair of jeans. When mom handed this present to me, I told her “No, I don’t want a pair of jeans.” You can guess how that went over.

    Second experience: I’m a present guesser. You hand me a wrapped box and you’ve got me guessing what’s in it. I’ve astounded my wife with the skill I can guess. Rarely has a wrapped present avoided my calculated guesses.

  12. 1. We made my mom wait (yup) until Christmas morning most years. Occasionally we’d open on Christmas Eve, but at least left the stockings for Christmas morning.

    2. The one year my brother and I peaked, we got spanked for doing it. So neither.

    3. My dad puts his hand on at least present’s bow, closes his eyes and declares the gift to be socks before opening it. Oddly, it’s still funny every year.

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