A Video To Our Future Kids, Now 10 and 11

On December 15, 1998, Erica and I recorded a video for our future kids.

I had proposed two weeks earlier, and with a wedding eight months off in the distance we thought it would be fun to dream about who they might become and what life might be like.

We then proceeded to forget about that video for 14 years, until Erica’s mom found the DVD last month among a pile she had made from old camcorder tapes.

Our jaws dropped as we watched it with our kids. Not only did we correctly guess one of their names, but we also predicted that we’d watch the video in 2012 when our kids were around ten years old! Totally freaky. Totally awesome.

I spliced together some of the best clips from 1998 with a few clips we recorded last week in the same room on the same exact couch. The sound isn’t the best quality, but I think you’ll enjoy it (especially if you’re into cargo pants and sideburns.)

Here’s the 4:56 Supercut Version:

Here’s the 11-minute Extended Cut:

14 years later and in some ways it still feels like it was yesterday.

Wow does time fly by.

Let’s be intentional about making the most of every day we have with the ones we love.

(And let’s all agree to not bring cargo pants back for at least another 14 years.)