My 2011 NFL Predictions

In case you forgot (I did), I correctly picked the Packers to win the Super Bowl last year.

Forget the rest of my awful picks, I had the most important thing right.

This year? I’ve got the Pack getting to the big game again…but WILL THEY WIN???

My AFC Playoff seeds:

1. San Diego 2. Pittsburgh 3. New England 4. Houston 5. Baltimore 6. Tennessee

Notes: The New York Jets aren’t here because I have a hunch they are going to regress. Still not sold on Sanchez (even though he has won 4 road playoff games) and they have the 3rd toughest schedule this year…I like Houston out of the South AND Tennessee as the wild cards because I don’t think Peyton Manning will be right all year and the Jags could be historically terrible.

AFC Title Game: San Diego over Pittsburgh in the AFC title game

My NFC Playoff seeds:

1. Green Bay 2. New Orleans 3. St. Louis 4. Dallas 5. Atlanta 6. Philadelphia

Notes: I’ve got Dallas in the East because of the O-Line questions in Philly and Vick’s style of play that will make it hard for him to stay healthy all year…Wanted to put Detroit or Minny in as a Wild Card over Atlanta, but couldn’t bring myself to do it. But let the record show that I wouldn’t be surprised if a Wild Card comes out of the North instead of the South.

NFC Title Game: Green Bay over Dallas in the NFC title game

And on February 5th, 2012 on the quick turf in Indianapolis, the winner of Super Bowl XLVI will be…

Green Bay over San Diego to repeat as Champions.

And now it’s your turn.

Who’s beating whom in the Super Bowl this year? Give us that and any other bold predictions in the comments.