Our 2011 LOST Christmas Cards

I ditched the LOST Christmas Cards this year. The show was over, so it seemed like the perfect time to do it.

Then I heard from a few people who were upset and angry over my decision. Some wished I would get mauled by a polar bear. Some threatened to send the smoke monster after me. Others tried to banish me to Tunisia through a portal opened up by a frozen donkey wheel.

I caved.

Most people on our list got a LOST-free card, but for a select few I made a special edition LOST card. And now through the magic of Al Gore’s bearded interwebs I share it with you.

First, the picture for this year’s card. As always, taken by the uber-talented Katy Geesaman of Lil’ Geese Photography.

(click on the image to enlarge it)

Before we get to the Easter Eggs, a few notes:

1. I hate that shirt. Why am I wearing it? I have no idea. I think Erica slipped me a roofie as we were getting ready.

2. Parker’s head is shaved because my mother-in-law got a little nutty with the clippers. He thought he was getting “something shorter for the summer”, and when he saw what she had done he almost cried. True story.

3. My wife and kids are a good-looking bunch, I know. They don’t need me next to them to help them look better, but it’s a role I gladly accept.

Back to the Easter Eggs, did you find them all? There were 8, and here they are:

1 . & 2. The Lost Title Image and a Dharma Symbol

(I apologize for the close-up of the schnoz. Hide ya kids, hide ya wife.)

3. & 4. A LOST Promo graphic and a freaky silhouette of John Locke

(I fixed it here, but the Locke face was too prominent in the printed version. A true photoshop FAIL that I’ll never forgive myself for.)

5. & 6. The original Hanso Foundation logo and the Swan Station Symbol

(That original Hanso logo is from an ARG and is not considered canon, but I used it anyway. And yes, that is the nerdiest sentence I’ve ever written.)

7. & 8. The numbers and the Actual Hanso Foundation Logo

(No, I have no idea where my wife got her belt.)

So there you go.

I couldn’t quit this year, so I’ll probably be doing these for the rest of my life. I hope you’re happy, world. (I kind of am.)

Oh, and if you’ve never seen the ones I’ve done in the past, here you go: