Monday Soup

Today’s Monday Soup is a bit different. I let my friend Knox McCoy help me write it since he has a book that just came out. Knox and I take turns dropping spoonfuls of Monday Soup on you because we like to make it rain broth.

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Monday Soup

[knox] + So I wrote a book of essays called Jesus and The Bachelorette. In a nutshell, it compares/contrasts the show with the Church and the current state of Christianity. And to answer the question I know that you are thinking, yes, ideas like Alex Trebek & PF Changs ARE prominently involved. Read more about Jesus and the Bachelorette. Click here to buy on my site, here to buy on Amazon, or you can buy it via iBooks if you do the iPad thing.

[bryan] + Knox’s book is pretty rad. It’s been on my iPad and in my reading rotation for a couple weeks now. It’s stinking funny, and no, you don’t need to actually watch The Bachelor or The Bachelorette to get the jokes.

[knox] + Have you heard about culturepoppe yet? It’s this fantastic new site that focuses on pop culture things you actually care about (i.e. not Lady Gaga’s male alter ego, not Kim Kardashian and not Pippa Middleton). You’re missing out if you aren’t reading it. To borrow from Zoolander, culturepoppe is like Hansel in that it’s soooo hot right now. I know, right? Totally.

[bryan] + This morning I am taking part in a video shoot for Hope International. I know what you’re thinking, and no, it’s not “the making of the Hope International Swimsuit Calendar” video. I only have a few lines, but I’m excited to be working with them.

[knox] + Maybe you tune Bryan out when he talks about things like BlogRocket and now Killer Tribes. Don’t. Bryan is to helping people find and hone their voice as Wolverine is to destroying stuff. It’s not just blogging, people. A lot of times you have an idea, but you don’t know how to get there. Well Bryan knows. Follow his lead and let him be your Wolverine. You’ll probably have to ask him to grow the Wolverine sideburns though.

[bryan] + Thanks Knox, that last bullet point made me blush. But it’s true that I love helping people get better at finding their voice and using their blog to share who they are and connect with other people. That’s what the My Killer Tribe Blogger Community is all about, so if that resonates with you we’d love to have you join us.

[knox] + Changing gears, how do you feel about depression? Have you ever experienced it? Know someone who has? Then please, PLEASE don’t miss the release of Not Alone. It’s a compilation of stories from people who have dealt with depression and a lot of my really good friends have contributed to it. Alise Wright edited the book and if you know anything about her, you know it will be powerful, well-written and resonant.

[bryan] + Would love to host a conference some day on writing, blogging, or building your tribe. If I could get some great folks to speak at it, would any of you be interested in a weekend trip up to Lancaster, PA for something like that?

[knox] + Do you run for exercise but hate every minute of it? Do yourself a favor and go check out by Tyler Stanton and Tripp Crosby. It’s helpful, hilarious and secretly a resource for even the most passionate runners.

Thanks for helping out with the Soup today, Knox. You should check out his website, and you should definitely grab a copy of his book.

What about you, what’s in YOUR Monday Soup today?