Good Bye BlogRocket, Hello Killer Tribes

Big announcement today on the blog that a few of you already know about.

I’m re-branding BlogRocket as Killer Tribes!

Why Killer Tribes? Here’s 5 Reasons:

1. I’ve been talking about re-branding for a few months now because I feel like my expertise extends a little bit beyond the world of blogging. I want to help people expand their platform and their reach using blogging, social media, networking, collaboration, ball-peen hammers, and other tools we have at our disposal.

BlogRocket hemmed me into blogging. Killer Tribes helps me broaden my scope to include anything and everything I can do to help you build a killer tribe.

2. I’ve always wanted to have a logo that incorporated crossing spears.

3. I got tired of people telling me that BlogRocket rhymed with Hot Pockets.

4. I found a buyer for the BlogRocket domain name (a great company who makes software that turns your blog into an Android App). The timing on this was pretty amazing. So much so that I’ve thanked God for how it worked out, because it certainly feels like His favor.

5. I’m working with an amazing designer. Seriously, Amy Haywood is amazing – look her up. (She designed the logo and for me.)

So what’s next?

The all-new Killer Tribes launches next month.

And our Blogger Community is now at with a new look as well!

(Click through the images to check out both pages – or die!!!)


Lots of great stuff happening, I’ll give you more details in the coming weeks.

Have a great weekend everyone!