Me in 3 Minutes

If you’re a regular reader here, thanks again for that! I’ve got a guest post up on Jon Acuff’s Stuff Christians Like blog that I think you’ll like, SCL #984 – Kissing Metaphors in Worship Music.

If you’re new to my site, here’s the last 9 years of this blog in 3 minutes…

1. This is a humor blog. Most of what I do here is an attempt to make you laugh. I often fail, but occasionally I get lucky. Sometimes I make ridiculous animated shorts and I like to stick Old Testament characters into current pop culture. (see Moses + The Bachelor and Noah’s Ark + The Office for a taste.)

2. Last week I launched a website to help other bloggers featuring a community and teaching resources. It’s called BlogRocket, and if you join the mailing list you get a free 32-pg eBook on overcoming the Top 29 frustrations bloggers face. If you’re a blogger, I promise it will be worth your time to download and read it.

3. I have a podcast that’s on hiatus right now, but there’s 12 great episodes with guests like Derek Webb, Jon Acuff, Rachel Held Evans, and more. It’s called the FreshPod. It will make your ears drunk on happiness.

4. Here’s my RSS Feed. Like I said, most of what I do here is humor with an occasional pinch of inspiration and writing advice. Subscribe and give it a try.

And finally,

5. All of this is not my day job, it’s just a side hobby for now. And the reason I hustle in the 9 to 5 and with my side projects is for my amazing family. My wife Erica and my kids Kylie & Parker. Love you guys!

Thanks so much for checking out the site…

I hope you stick around and join our community here. We’d love to have you!