Magnetizing Your Blog

Go with me here for a second.

If your blog is a magnet, and new readers are the metal shavings on the floor of the internet that you’re trying to pick up, then there’s two main ways to pick up more shavings.

1. You can go where there’s more shavings,

or, 2. You can make your magnet more magnetic.

The first one will always work. Dragging your magnet to places where there are more shavings makes a ton of sense, but it also takes a ton of work.

Yes, as a blogger you will go through seasons where you are all about promotion and marketing and getting your name out there. You’ll write guest posts, you’ll comment on other people’s blogs like a madman, and you’ll have fun doing it. By all means, if the spirit moves you, then go kill it.

But sometimes you barely have enough time to get a post written. And I’m here to tell you that it’s okay.

In fact, it’s better than okay. Because when you do go through stretches where all you can do is the bare minimum, you’re not just treading water. You’re adding to your blog’s archives, you’re staying consistent, and you’re doing the work. And little by little, it’s making you’re blog more magnetic.

I’ll unpack this more in the BlogRocket Booster Course that launches May 10th, and along with it there will be tons of tips on getting more metal shavings stuck on your magnet.

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