Ad Brilliance for Keystone Custom Homes

2010 was the year of Ad Brilliance here at the blog. I created 13 ridiculous ads for everything from stool softener to beards that put my idiocy on display. (I’ll link to them at the end of the post if you’re new here.)

The joke all along was that my ads were brilliant and had ad execs shaking in their snakeskin boots, but we all knew the real story. The ads were terrible and I was a sham.



Thanks to you guys for not giving up on me and for not telling me to put the camera away, I was actually hired for my first genuine advertising gig. No joke. I teamed up with my friend Chris from Hawkpoint Productions to put together a short spot for Keystone Custom Homes’ House Swap Program. Keystone is one of the Top 100 Home Builders in the country, and their House Swap Program is a pretty sweet package, so naturally they were interested in teaming up with the excellence of Ad Brilliance.

The result was this video, which could be the first of many if they like the response they get. (It’s not as over-the-top ridiculous as past Ad Brilliance spots, but we had some fun with it.)

(Here’s the link if you can’t see the video player:

What do you think? I’m guessing some of you are shaking your head in disbelief that this happened, but there’s probably a few of you who knew it was just a matter of time.

Thanks for believing in the Brilliance.


PS…If you’ve never seen Ad Brilliance or want a refresher, this post has links to all of them. Enjoy.