Who Are You and What Do You Like?

We’re taking a mini family vacation over the next couple days so my blog is going to go dark until Monday. Seems like the perfect time to give away free gift cards to the store of your choosing.

Here’s the deal: I’m need to know you who are and what you like (if anything) about my blog. I’m going to open this up for folks to comment until midnight on Sunday night EST, and on Monday I will randomly choose 3 winners to receive a gift card to the store of your choosing. (The gift cards will be for $20, $15, and $15 and will be for any place that i can actually get you a gift card at – Amazon, Home Depot, Best Buy, Target, Wal-Mart, and so on)

What do you need to do to be eligible? Just leave a comment to this post answering the following questions:

1. Where do you live? (city, state or just state)

2. What’s your favorite feature of the things I do on this site?

3. Other than your answer to #2, is there something you’d like to see more of? (could be something I’ve never done before)

That’s it. Please only answer once, and please be honest. If there’s nothing you like about the site, then let me know.

And in case you need a refresher on some of the different things I do here, here’s a reminder:

Thanks so much to all of you who read the site. I’m really excited to see what exactly it is that you like most about it. So please, even if you’ve never commented before, this would be a great time to break the ice. You’re input is really valuable to me. (and if you’re a new reader, feel free to check out those links to see what type of stuff I do here.)

If you’re reading this in a feed reader, click this link and leave your 3 answers in the comments section.

If you’re reading this on a magic invisible computer, that’s pretty rad.

Thanks again everyone, see you on Monday with the winners!