LOST Season 5 – 4 Hours Left

Many apologies for the lack of LOST posts over the past few weeks. Jordan and I have tried to make a LOSTcast happen, but our attempts usually go something like this:

Me (via text): Hey Jordan, can you drop everything and do a LOSTcast right at this very moment?

Jordan (4 hours later): Sorry, I was working can we do it tonight?

Me (4 hours later): I have a window tonight from 8:33 to 8:49, if you’re available.

Jordan (at 8:50): Take your window and shove it, you pretend-busy doofus.*

Here’s what you need to know from the last 2 episodes of the show**:

Episode 5.12 – Dead is Dead

Ben has a soft spot for mommies and babies, which saves Rousseau’s life in the 80s and Penny’s life in 2007…John Locke puts his feet up on Ben’s desk because he’s in charge now…Ben pulls the drain on the smoke monster and out walks John Locke, who may or may not be a carcass brought to life by the smoke monster…under the temple John Locke and smokey are not seen together, which lends credence to them being the same somehow…Ben appears to be judged by smokey and is allowed to live. this may have to do with him being repentant for allowing Alex to die, something Eko was not with regards to his brother (and Eko was killed by Smokey)….Hey, there’s a young Ethan in cahoots with young Ben!… What lies in the shadow of the Statue? I don’t know. The Well and Donkey Wheel, perhaps?

Episode 5.13 – Some Like it Hoth

Miles was born on the island to Pierre Change, but Pierre kicked them off the island. We assume because he knew the Purge was coming…Now we know why Miles asked Ben for 3.2 Million dollars last season. It was because Widmore offered him 1.6 Million…We get to see the beginning stages of the Swan, and we see them putting the numbers on the steel door. I thought those numbers were important to the Valenzetti equation? Or are they nothing more than a random serial number?…Bram and Ilana seem to be working for neither Widmore nor Ben. Are they the children of the Dharma Initiative that were exiled from the Island to avoid dying in the purge? are they looking for answers to why their parents died?…Dharma dude died when his filling shot through his brain. Remember in Season 2 when Sayid said his fillings hurt when he was next to the big steel door?…With all the Star Wars references, isn’t it interesting that Pierre Change will lose an arm at some point. Remember in the Swan video he appears to have a prosthetic…Faraday is back, Phil is kidnapped by Sawyer, and the poop is gonna hit the fan in Dharmaville.


LOSTpedia recently did an interview with LOST producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse (no spoilers) and asked them about the audience’s attempts at guessing what is going to happen in the show, specifically in the final season. I liked Damon’s answer:

…Considering what the audience has to work with, they’ve proven to be incredibly resourceful and insightful, but there are some clues that we have not yet presented them, that are really integral to figuring out what the real endgame of the show is, so there’s no way that they could really get at it.

Intriguing, eh? I think so.

So we’ve got 4 hours of Season 5 left. Here’s how they’ll play out…

Episode 5.14 “The Variable” – airs tonight (4/29) at 9pm

Episode 5.15 – airs 5/6 at 9pm

Episode 5.16 and 5.17 – they air back to back on 5/13 at 9pm and 10pm (preceded at 8pm by a Recap show)

Enjoy the ride! Hopefully Jordan and I can reconnect for some episode analysis next week.

*ps. Jordan is not that mean, nor does he use the word “doofus”.

**and by “need to know”, i mean “these recaps stink and were not endorsed by Jordan”. Perhaps he can add his insight into the comments section if I give him a big enough window.