NFL2014 Crystal Schnoz Week 10 Precap

Welcome to another edition of the Crystal Schnoz NFL Precaps, a weekly column where the Schnoz looks ahead to all the games played between two professional football teams in which they try to score more points than each other while wearing cool helmets.

If you’ve wandered here by accident, federal law requires you to read this entire post before exiting. Skimming – while not technically illegal – is greatly frowned upon.

Week 10 features 15 games, including one that was played last night!

But guess what, the Schnoz is on vacation, so this is an abbreviated Precap!

The Top 7 Teams in the League at This Very Moment

1. Denver – Neutral field I still have them as the best, despite the whooping.
2. Green Bay – Only 3 of last 8 on road including TB and MIN! I smell 12-4.
3. Baltimore – Top 7 team on both sides of the ball.
4. Seattle – Not the juggernaut we thought, but in every game.
5. Indy – Even when he’s bad he finds a way to win. Luck is anything but lucky.
6. New England – No team is hotter.
7. Miami – Defense continues to impress. Huge game vs. Detroit this week.

If the NFL relegated teams like the Premier League, which 3 would be in the most trouble?

The Relegation Zone

30. Oakland – Ugh.
31. Jacksonville – More wins than the Raiders, yet more depressing.
32. Tampa Bay – Double Ugh.

Schnoz Picks for Week

Enjoy the games, everyone!