Welcome to the all new BryanAllain.com!

It’s been over 5 years since I made major changes to the blog, and man were they overdue.

I’d love for you to poke around a little and check things out.

A few things to note:

+ There are a few stand-up clips (including two new ones) from my show on the Stand-Up page. (and more when you join the BASIC!)

+ If you want to book me to host an event or to perform stand-up, there’s a form for that.

+ The blog is still a part of the site, it’s just not the main focus anymore.

+ You’ll find an episode directory for The SchnozCast right on the front page of the site.

+ Despite my best efforts, we were not able to secure Cheez-Its or Tostitos Hint of Lime Chips as official sponsors of BryanAllain.com. Someday, maybe.

So yeah, thanks for checking out the new look and as always, thanks for caring about what I’m up to! More good stuff coming!