SC011 – Cliff Young on Caedmon’s Call, etc.

Cliff Young, frontman of the band Caedmon’s Call, joins me to talk about making records, choosing cover art, avoiding fights at the IHOP, Seinfeld, barre chords, taunting in the NFL, midlife crises, eating guinea pig, and much more trivial nonsense. It’s Episode 011 The SchnozCast! This podcast goes to eleven! And they said it would […]

Welcome to the all new!

It’s been over 5 years since I made major changes to the blog, and man were they overdue. I’d love for you to poke around a little and check things out. A few things to note: + There are a few stand-up clips (including two new ones) from my show on the Stand-Up page. (and […]

SC010 – Andrew Osenga on Music, Art, LOST, etc.

Andrew Osenga joins me to talk about his disappointment with LOST, his love of Popeye’s Chicken, making music for a living, calendars, the British Office, Beats by Dre, Paul F. Tompkins, his 4 new EPs (Heart & Soul, Flesh & Bone), and much more trivial nonsense. (Heart is available NOW on Amazon and iTunes) It’s […]

SC009 – Chad Gibbs on The Masters, etc.

Chad Gibbs joins me on Masters Thursday to talk about what it’s like being at Augusta National, what’s it like to hit a 9-iron onto the island green at Sawgrass, and what it’s like to lose to me in Fantasy Masters Pick ‘Em. Plus we talk about the Premier League and much more trivial nonsense. […]

Church Sets Conference

I’ve mentioned this before, but I occasionally post Vague Headlines over at the Tumblr: Vague Headlines. If you find lazy headline writing amusing, you might like the site. The latest edition? A headline related to me! It’s Vague Headline Inception. “Church Sets Conference” indeed. Yeehaw!

SC008 – Crist and Eggerichs on Dating, etc.

Jon Crist and Joy Eggerichs join me for our first ever 3-person podcast to talk about dating, hot avatars, ceramic cats, writing jokes, nannies, social media motivations, confidence vs. arrogance, jigsaw hammers, and much more trivial nonsense. It’s Episode 008 The SchnozCast! We made it to eight episodes! And they said it would never happen. […]

SC007 – Tyler Stanton with Stock Up/Stock Down

Tyler Stanton joins me to exchange embarrassing hair texts and talk about liking Instagram pictures, House of Cards, small lunches, The Wolf of Wall Street book, The Nerdist Writers Panel Podcast, the point of favoriting things on Twitter, charting things, and much more trivial nonsense. It’s Episode 007 The SchnozCast! We made it to seven […]

SC006 – Scott McClellan on TV, etc.

Scott McClellan joins me to talk about the tenth anniversary of the LOST premier and what it takes for us to commit time to a TV show these days. We also cover his annoyance with automatic car windows, the NCAA Tourney, American Idol, the personality theory he devised for me, and much more trivial nonsense. […]