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Jon Foreman on songwriting

“As far as when I’m specifically (writing for) one or the other (Switchfoot or other projects), usually I’m just writing to express myself. Most of the stuff no one’s ever going to hear. And that used to really bug me, and I’d realize that’s actually the way we live our lives. Most of what we […]

66 Backers, $4145 Raised, 5 Days Left

Kickstarters are hard work. This 30-day campaign has been a grind, but I’m not complaining. Most good things are hard. You know what’s made it less hard? These people. These 66 wonderful folks who have backed my project at levels ranging from $1 to well over $100. (No idea why someone would just give $1, […]

That time I was on national TV with an apple in my mouth

Had a chance to go to the Women’s U.S. Open on Sunday and had a great time walking around Lancaster Country Club watching these women play amazing golf. Also had a great time standing in the perfect location to get on television while holding an apple in my mouth while standing next to Jackson who […]

Give The Gift Of Football This September

Ladies, if you’ve got a son or husband who likes football, check out this video to understand how you can become their hero on September 1st when they visit the mailbox. To pre-order a copy, click here.

My Kickstarter is 6 Days Away!

Hey everyone, just a quick reminder to make yourself a note for next week because on Tuesday, June 30th, my Kickstarter campaign for the 2015 Beast Book is launching! What is the Beast Book? 1) It’s a season preview for the upcoming NFL season like no other because it has insight AND jokes AND information […]

SC027 – Scott McClellan on Bill Simmons

In this emergency episode of the Schnozcast I am joined by my friend Scott McClellan to talk about anything and everything related to Bill Simmons’ pending departure from ESPN. The first 10 minutes of the pod feature us ranting about customer service and brand presence on social media, then we get into all the sports […]


What’s new with me.

5 Things you didn’t know you didn’t know… 1. I’m full steam ahead on my NFL Preview Project. You can see more at ProFootballBeast.com 2. One of my clients, Jon Acuff, hit the NYT Bestseller list back in April, so that was amazing and rewarding. (He did most of the work, of course, but it […]


My Secret NFL Preview Project

So, I’m working on something that will debut later this summer. It has to do with the NFL. It will include jokes. Don’t care? It’s all good. Interested? Join the Facebook Group for it and check it out. See you on the inside!

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