I’m On A List!

…and wouldn’t you know it, it’s actually a good list!

Rejuvenate Meetings Magazine put me on a list of 40 Changemakers Under 40 years old, which is quite an honor.

If you want to read my section, you can do that here: Bryan Allain – 40 Under 40.

Coolest part is that my schnoz got a full page in their magazine:

As for that quote beside my picture? Yeah, it sounds awfully cheeseball to the point where I questioned whether or not I even said it…but I’m sure I did.

Anyway, this was a pretty cool thing for me so I wanted to share it. (It was also very cool for my kids, who were as stoked as their dad to have their picture in a magazine.)

Not so sure that I belong on the list,┬ábut I’m honored that they thought of me!