Pictures of Extraordinary Merit

This week in POEM, some pics from my phone…

While waiting for our food at a restaurant I tapped into my inner sketch artist and drew my son’s face.

Upon seeing my creation he asked me why I didn’t love him and made his first of many appointments for therapy.

Made our annual summer trek to Hershey Park with our friends Kandace and Than. (The couple who met each other the same moment that Erica and I met.)

Like a fine wine we are all getting better with age. Also like a fine wine we bring out the nonsense in each other. Much fun was had screaming nonsensical statements on roller coasters and acting like semi-responsible 16-year olds.

Hey look, it’s me in front of a green screen!

Am I taking The Weekly Schnoz out of the basement and into a studio??? Sadly, no. (But a new episode of the Weekly Schnoz is coming in 2 weeks.)

Unfortunately for the peeps at my church I was adding a little bit of my comical touch to the weekly announcements for out services in August. Consider yourself warned.