5 Random Things

It’s Friday, time for another edition of 5 Random Things…

Literally, the first 5 things at the top of my brain…

1. A few months ago I was interviewed by Trent Dyrsmid for his Bright Ideas Podcast. Trent is a great interviewer who has talked with a ton of smart folks. I totally felt like I didn’t belong on there, but I just told my story and hey, maybe someone will be inspired by it.

You can listen or watch the video of the interview over at his site: How To Start an Online Business: an interview with Bryan Allain.

2. We released the speaking schedule for Killer Tribes 2013 on Thursday. Gonna be so so good.

3. Gonna see an old friend tomorrow night at the David Crowder concert in Lancaster! Mr. Todd Bragg, former drummer of Caedmon’s Call and current drummer with Crowder, said he would put Erica and I on the guest list to come see the show. Excited to see his ugly mug.

4. I just bought this lapel mic for a new project I plan on starting next month. Be afraid, be very afraid!

5. We’ve been without TNT or ESPN for the past few months and guess what? We’ve survived! But man, with the NBA playoffs on the horizon and the start of the baseball season just a few weeks away, I’m starting to get antsy. Have considered adding them just for 3 months and then getting rid of them, but not sure that it’s worth it.

At the very least I’ll get the MLB.tv audio package again this year so I can listen to Sox games, and if I have to find NBA games streaming online, so be it.

PS…Day 8 with this sinus infection and I finally give up. Going to get some meds today so I’m healthy for Killer Tribes. You win, bacteria. You always do!

PPS… In honor of Albert Einstein’s birthday yesterday I thought I’d share this again. (I really should cut out the first 45 seconds. The second half of the video is so much better than the first half.)

8 thoughts on “5 Random Things”

  1. First off, your friend Trent has a last name that belongs on the Terrorist Watch List. I don’t trust it. The vowels just aren’t where they’re supposed to be.

    Second, I feel you on ESPN and TNT. Kim and I recently “cut the cord.” We have Netflix and Hulu for most of the shows we watched. My parents have Cox cable, and they let me use their login info so I can use WatchESPN to get most of my sports fill. You can also get streams with sites like vipbox and frontrowsports. Not exactly “street legal,” but it gets the job done.

    1. oh believe me, I know all about VIP and frontrow. I watch all my soccer and basketball on them now. Hm…my parents have Directv, maybe I can snag their login and give that a shot.

      1. DirecTV will get you some access, but they don’t have WatchESPN access yet (which essentially means you can access anything on any ESPN network…online). Find a friend with Cox or Comcast. Wash their car. Or something.

  2. First, there was Twitter. Short snippets of words to (in my case), 145 followers (not including you because you don’t follow me).

    Then came Instagram. A pictures worth a thousand words, so why limit yourself to 140 characters?

    Then came Vimeo. 6 seconds of video. At 30 frames/sec, 1000 words per frame, that’s 180,000 words. Sure, many of them may be redundant, but that’s OK, it’s the same situation on Twitter.

    But Bryan Allain, thought, “No! Video is too much. Let’s tone it down to just a soundbite, because when people are on a bus, plane, train, or even a rickshaw, they want to use their phone to listen to stuff. So Bryan Allain is introducing “Awedio”. The awesome audio social media platform. Record sounds for you audioence. Build your tribe! To be released at Killer Tribes*

    *- Note: Killer Tribes has never actually killed anyone. At least that’s what the jury thinks.

  3. Bryan, I see that Comcast is a partner ISP for ESPN3. If you have an Xbox, with live (can be had for $35/year if you look around), you can watch all your sports on the Xbox. Boom! Done.

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