5 Random Things

It’s Friday, time to bring back 5 Random Things…

Literally, the first 5 things at the top of my brain…

1. If you sign up for the Justin McClure newsletter this morning, you may just win yourself a free ticket to Killer Tribes. (and if you are wondering who Justin McClure is, it’s one of my favorite new graphic design companies. I had an amazing experience working with them on Killer Tribes, check them out.)

2. The Killer Tribes Conference is two weeks away! At this point I am so ready for it to be here.

Have you seen the place where we are throwing the house party the night before? Should be amazing.

3. Also stoked that the MLB starts up in 3 weeks! Parker and I love talking about baseball, watching baseball together, and playing baseball. One of those things we connect on and hopefully always will. Also, loved this piece on how the Yankees could struggle to be above .500 over the next few years. Music to my freaking ears!

4. I lost my glasses on my trip to Atlanta this week! I think I left them on the plane, but not sure. One thing I am sure of: Erica and Kylie won’t be shedding any tears. They are not fans of my “nerd glasses”.

5. Speaking of Atlanta, I got to hang out with some cool folks while I was there.

On Tuesday night I joined my buddy Ken Coleman in studio to talk about the upcoming conference. (Thanks to Ken’s pseudo-tan I look the color of a bleached wedding dress.)

Then on Wednesday morning I got to hang out with the crew from Catalyst and sit in on one of their programming meetings. Boring? Maybe for most people. But as someone who puts on events, I loved seeing behind the curtain on how they fine tune their schedule and collaborate on making a great event.

Snagged a pic with Catalyst Head Honcho Brad Lomenick before I left. Did not snag a pic with Catalyst Director Tyler Reagin because his breath stunk of sour gummi worms.

That’s it for today!

PS…If you are a part of a church group (staff or leadership team) who is interested in a discount to Killer Tribes, I have an amazing deal I can offer you that I am not publicizing. Email me at bryan@killertribes.com and I can give you the details.