5 Random Things

Busy busy busy with the conference, so here’s a quick edition of 5 Random Things…

Literally, the first 5 things at the top of my brain…

1. I’ve been sick for 10 days!!! Finally went on meds to clear up the sinus infection I had for a week and now I’ve had a cold for a few days. Feels like I’m on the mend now, so let’s go with that.

There’s never a good time to get sick, but the two weeks before my conference? C’mon immune system, pick it up!!!

2. Have you seen what Killer Tribes Speaker John Saddington is up to? He’s building an app called Pressgram that gives you a lot of the functionality of Instagram, but also gives you full control of your photos.

The app will also make it super easy for bloggers to integrate their photos into their WordPress blogs. He’s just a week in and he already has raised over $13,000 dollars. More info here: Pressgram Kickstarter.

3. Here’s an interview I did with James Prescott (from across the pond) a few months ago. He’s got a link at the end of this post where you can download it. We talked about blogging, community, and raccoon meat. (or maybe just 2 of those 3 things.)

4. Was awesome seeing my buddy Todd Bragg the other night. I’ve known him since I first started stalking Caedmon’s Call in the late 90s. We’ve been to Ecuador together (2004), toured Texas together for a few days (2007), and way back in 2002 I even flew down to Dallas to interview him for my fan site, caedmonscall.net.

Here’s us in 2002 after that interview and 11 years later the other night.

Congrats to both of us for looking less pixely.

5. You know what? I don’t have time for a fifth point. Too much to do!

Full report on the conference and more news coming next week!