Monday Soup

1 part broth, 1 part noodles, and 3 parts carrots…it’s Monday Soup.

 + Like most of you, still processing the Sandy Hook tragedy this week. Being home and on the computer on Friday, I watched the events unfold in real time as details leaked throughout the day. It was so heartbreaking. Just thinking about the terror and sorrow for those involved was overwhelming. Still not sure what to do with all the emotion.

Many used the events to rail against guns, God, and this broken world in which we live and I get it. I was angry too, and we all were taking out that anger on one of those things…or on each other.

I’ve got opinions on the right to bear arms and where God was in the tragedy and why these things happen, but I’ve decided that public forums like facebook and my blog aren’t the right place to share them for me at this point. For you that might be totally fine; I’m honestly not judging at all. These things need to be talked about and discussed. I’m just not going to be the one doing it on social media right now (or maybe ever). I’ll have those discussions with those I am closest with and leave the public discourse to others.

And I will continue to pray for those families and will do a better job of loving those around me…that’s all I can think to do right now.

a few other quick links…

+  The Case For Drinking as Much Coffee As You Like (h/t Jason Boyett)

+ Justin Beiber surprises Just Dance 4 fans. (my kids enjoyed this one. You probably won’t, but your kids might.)

+ My humor book, Actually, Clams Are Miserable, is now available at Amazon as a paperback. Amazon Prime Members can get it for $9.23 with 2-day shipping! And if you order a signed paperback from me today or tomorrow, you’ll get it with FREE shipping before Christmas.

UPDATE: With regards to the tragedy, I liked what Joe Scarborough had to say. He’s a gun-owning, conservative, republican who has had enough. This is a 4-minute clip of his 10-minute monologue. Not saying I agree with everything he says, just thought this was thoughtful and well-spoken.

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Have a great week everyone…