Actually, Clams Are Miserable is Available Now!

Despite tomorrow being the official release day of my new book, it’s available now both digitally and in paperback!

And thanks to this Cyber Monday nonsense, you can get it for wicked cheap.

Like, 1 book for $11 or 3 books for $20 with FREE shipping kind of cheap.

People are calling it “hilarious”, “very funny”, and “Bryan Allain at his best” (which is very nice of them).

Other people are calling it bad names, but who cares about them, right?

It makes a great gift for a guy because it’s a quick read and it’s funny.

(It makes a great gift for a girl for the same reasons.)

I’m so excited for you to read it!

Thanks for your support on the blog for so long and for supporting this new book!

Pick up your copy of Actually, Clams Are Miserable on sale today!