Taking the Leap

The video in this post has been ten years in the making. I say that because asking you to watch a 9-minute video is the 1992 equivalent of asking you to read Anna Karenina. Yes, it’s long, but still, you’ve got to watch it.

The alternative would have been writing this all out.
Recapping the last decade and highlighting the crazy ride that has been the last six months of my life. That post might have rivaled Tolstoy in terms of length, which is why video was the best option.

This was recorded four days ago
, when my good friend (and pastor) Sam Masteller gave me ten minutes at the end of his message on The Circle Maker (based on Mark Batterson’s book) to share my story. If you’ve read this blog even once over the last decade, you’ve had a role in my journey. Thanks for being a part, hope you enjoy!

Thanks again for your support through the years
, excited to keep taking this journey with you, wherever it leads!