5 Random Things

It’s Friday, time to bring back 5 Random Things…

Literally, the first 5 things at the top of my brain…

1. The interview I did with Derek Webb for the Killer Tribes Audio Bonus Package was amazing. When he said to me, “You can have a vibrant career with just a small tribe of fans and followers…” I stopped him mid-sentence and said, “Tell us how!”. And then he proceeded to do that.

Between that and Ben Arment’s insight on making a dream happen, it’s like a 60-minute class on working smarter, not harder (not to mention the other 5.5 hours of audio as well). Only on sale for 5 more days, don’t miss it: Killer Tribes Audio  

2. Erica and I are watching Big Brother again this summer. We’ve never missed a season. Not sure whether I should be extremely proud or deeply ashamed of this.

3. Kind of wishing I was going to the ECHO conference next week, but you can’t go to them all…especially when you’re close to a goal that you’ve been chasing for a while. Best of luck to Scott McClellan & the awesome crew down there! Hope to see you next year!

4. The grandpa from Rugrats is officially the character I despise the most on television. My kids have been watching it on Netflix recently and every time he opens his mouth I want to punch him in the voicebox until my arm falls off. I have issues, I know.

5. Going camping this weekend with friends of ours. First time as a family, so it should be interesting. As long as we have cell service I’ll be tweeting updates: @bryanallain.

UPDATE: just saw this. wow, this is gonna be interesting.

Got a random thought floating around, leave it in the comments for everyone to read.

And don’t miss out on the discounted Killer Tribes Audio! Thanks for your support!