3 Things I’ve Learned on my Quitter Journey

I’ve got a guest post over at JonAcuff.com today talking about the three things I’ve learned in my journey to becoming a Quitter.

(that journey is still ongoing, by the way…still at the day job doing what I have to do to provide for the family. If and when that changes y’all will surely hear all about it.)

Here’s an excerpt from the short guest post:

Think of it this way: (as a Quitter) you’re not looking for a specific address of a beachfront property, you’re looking for the shore. Determine in your mind that you’re gonna keep heading west until you hit water, even if that means taking roads that weren’t on your original set of directions. Know what direction you’re headed in and never stop moving.

Here’s the full post: 3 Things I Have Learned on my journey to becoming a Quitter

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