Killer Tribes Conference Audio is Available!

Hard to believe it’s been over 3 months since Killer Tribes went down!

And excited to announce today that audio from the conference is now on sale!

You can choose from two packages, and both are on sale for the FIRST 7 DAYS ONLY.

The Audio Package features 9 talks from the conference including Sarah Mae, Jeff Goins, Alli Worthington, Steve Kamb, and others. It’s over 4.5 hours of audio in MP3 format, sure to inspire you! It’s an immediate download, and it’s 45% off the already low price for the first week only.

The Bonus Package features those same 9 talks from the conference plus 4 exclusive interviews I did with Jon Acuff (Quitter), Ben Arment (STORY & Dream Year), Derek Webb (NoiseTrade), and Crystal Paine ( about building a killer tribe. That’s over 6.5 hours of content, PLUS you get a copy of my new eBook, 21 Thoughts on Building Your Killer Tribe, that I wrote in the wake of the conference (you can’t get it anywhere else!). It’s an immediate download, and for the first week only it’s 32% off the already low price.

(Seriously, the bonus interviews with Ben Arment and Derek Webb are probably worth the price of the entire bonus package alone. I recorded them in the last couple of days and I’m still thinking about them. So much good stuff packed into those two half-hours.)

Check out the website for more info on both packages, and don’t forget, the sale ends in less than a week! I’m using too many exclamation points!

Check out the Killer Tribes Conference Audio Packages