10 More Sentences No One Has Ever Said

With the NBA Finals in full swing, let’s do an all-NBA edition

10 More Sentences No One Has Ever Said: NBA Edition

1. Nothing exceeds expectations year after year like the slam dunk contest.

2. Excuse me waiter, can I get a little bit more of Stan Van Gundy’s mustache in my Caesar salad please?

3. Chris Bosh in no way resembles an alien.

4. Coming up on SportsCenter, the Top 10 Charges of the Year!

5. It bothers me that they’re not showing as many WNBA commericals during the Finals this year.

6. The last 3 minutes of that close game just flew by, didn’t it?

7. I wish the NBA would have adopted some of the progressive rule changes proposed by MTV’s Rock and Jock basketball games of the 1990s. The 10-point shot is a no-brainer.

8. Wow, great point, Shaq.

9. The only regret I have about my wedding is that we weren’t able to get David Stern to marry us.

10. …and the Charlotte Bobcats are back to back champions of the NBA!

Okay, your turn.

Give us an NBA-related sentence no one has ever said before.