Heritage Days 2012

While I won’t do full-fledged photo essays like I did in 2008-2010, I did take a few shots from the Intercourse Heritage Days festival this past weekend.

If you don’t know, Intercourse Heritage Days is an annual celebration held at our local park (in Intercourse, PA) that features a volleyball tournament, kids tractor pull competition, tug of war, great food, a skydiver, and a fireworks show.

And Amish folks. Lots and lots of Amish folks.

Here are a few shots from the weekend:

Amish on the left, “English” (what the Amish call non-Amish people) on the right.

Chances are the Amish won.

Can you spot the non-Amish dude?

30 seconds before I took this shot that ball nearly took me out.


Or were they trying to send me a message?

(If they were, I didn’t get it).

The Amish love volleyball and softball.

And judging from the crowds that gathered, tug-of-war might be third.

Why is this Amishman happy?

Because he thinks he can last longer than me in the annual spelling bee.

Come back tomorrow to find out if he did.

I used to post Amish pictures all the time. To check those out, including the photo essays from past Heritage Days festivals, check out my Living With the Amish page.